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Code of Conduct

“Compliance with the law and doing business with integrity are not optional; they are crucial as a basis for trust, which is at the heart of what we do.” 
Philippe Amon, Chairman and CEO


As a global company operating in a challenging world, our behaviors and the way we do business are always based on SICPA values and our mission to Enable Trust.
The SICPA Code of Conduct contains the guiding principles for our standards of business conduct based on those values as well as our commitments to the UN Global Compact and to our people, customers, business partners and communities. 
This Code of Conduct is a guide for everything we do because tomorrow, just as today, only performance with integrity will let us achieve our targets and sustain this success for all of our stakeholders. 
The Code applies to SICPA and its subsidiaries and is available in several languages.

Please follow the link below to read or download a copy of the SICPA Code of Conduct.

SICPA Code of Conduct (EN)
Format : pdf
Size : 7.98 MB
Code de Conduite de SICPA (FR)
Format : pdf
Size : 7.8 MB
Código de Conducta de SICPA (ES)
Format : pdf
Size : 7.78 MB
Código de Conduta da SICPA (BR)
Format : pdf
Size : 7.96 MB
Kodi i Sjelljes SICPA (AL)
Format : pdf
Size : 7.97 MB
Kode Etik SICPA (ID)
Format : pdf
Size : 8.04 MB
Tatakelakuan SICPA (MY)
Format : pdf
Size : 7.95 MB
SICPA ميثاق السلوك المهني (AE)
Format : pdf
Size : 8.41 MB
SICPA 行为准则 (CN)
Format : pdf
Size : 8.22 MB