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Securing Reliable COVID-19 Antigenic test kits

Antigenic tests developed by French company Biospeedia, 97% reliable, associated with a blockchain-secure certificate.

The announcement of the first Covid-19 vaccines is a cause for optimism even if there are a number of open questions about duration of protection, who to treat as a priority and complex logistics. In the medium term however managing the impact of the pandemic must continue to rely heavily on testing and early diagnosis. 
To meet this crucial need, the French company BioSpeedia in partnership with Delpharm Biotech laboratory has developed highly reliable antigen test kits capable of detecting the presence of the virus in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients within 15 minutes. The test which are among the best available are based of refined detection of surface proteins. 


These tests can contribute significantly to economic recovery. Notably in sectors which would benefit from rapid testing capability such as in travel (air transport, cruise ships, the entertainment world or professional sports, etc.) 


But to work a test result needs to be reliable verifiable and the threat of fake of false certificates, or certificates of convenience countered. To achieve this BioSpeedia has joined forces with SICPA, the world's leading provider of secure authentication and traceability technologies, to develop a secure and forgery-proof health certificate


The BioSpeedia test certificate which results from this partnership is dynamic, has an expiry date or can be revoked in real time. No personal information is stored in a database, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD). Only the competent authorized bodies can generate the certificates.


The secure QR code of the certificate is universally verifiable, through a simple web or mobile application. It can also be presented in hard copy printed form by its holder, accessible therefore to all. The security, based on the blockchain, does not require the implementation of any infrastructure or PKI type key certification authority. The information and its security are contained in the QR code itself. Verification is independent of the issuer of the document and can be done without the need for an internet connection.



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