SICPA's campus will be called unlimitrust

SICPA's future campus, previously known as Square One, which referred to the first phase of the project, is changing its name to the unlimitrust campus. The campus aims to become the global centre for the Economy of Trust, embodying SICPA's purpose of enabling trust for governments and citizens.

SICPA Campus

With its new unlimitrust campus, SICPA aims to further the Economy of Trust worldwide, an economy in which transactions, interactions and products across the physical and digital worlds are based on protected, unforgeable and verifiable data, The campus will promote trust at large, encouraging new ideas, new collaborations and the development of new trust technologies. It is the world's first campus dedicated to the Economy of Trust.


This centre of excellence will bring together SICPA employees, start-ups, companies, investors, academics and other stakeholders in the field of trust technologies.


The unlimitrust campus will open its doors to the first tenants in the second half of 2022.