Safe Aviation: Aurora Airlines to assure passenger health

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Safe Aviation: Aurora Airlines to assure passenger health through CERTUS™ myHealth Pass to guarantee COVID-19 test results

On 23 October Aurora Airlines signed an MOU with SICPA SA to put in place a highly secured COVID-19 test verification system to ensure the health of passengers and staff.   The system is provided in cooperation with a network of laboratories throughout the territory and Swiss secure traceability leader SICPA.

Working closely with local authorities Aurora will promote the introduction of pre-flight testing for Covid-19 up to 72 hours before departure. Agreements have been reached with a range of laboratories, including KDL and Helix, to undertake the tests. The test data will be secured and made available for verification by necessary authorities through the Certus™ myHealth Pass solution provided by SICPA. The solution is ready to start operating immediately. 

CERTUS™ myHealth Pass provides guaranteed and secured proof of test status in both digital and material form. It protects against fraud thanks to a cutting edge blockchain-secured digital seal, based on the Guardtime KSI® Blockchain

Test status data is revocable and thus always up-to-date. It respects personal privacy concerns while providing incontrovertible assurances of health status to the aviation and border authorities. The credential is authenticated by scanning a tamper-proof QR-code with a smartphone or a computer. The verification is independent of the document issuer. No personal or sensitive information is stored, either directly or encrypted, in any data base or on the blockchain and no extra-infrastructure is required.

The solution will permit a high level of security for travelers and support the return to normal economic activity. 

« The system we are putting in place will allow a safe travel experience and better service for our passengers. » Konstantin Sukhorebrik, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Airlines

Konstantin Sukhorebrik, Chief Executive Officer of Aurora Airlines:
“Assuring the health and well-being of our passengers and staff is a top priority. The system we are putting in place will allow a safe travel experience and better service for our passengers. This will be the first highly secured system to be implemented in our sector and we are proud to be leading the way.”


Eric Corbier Chief Commercial Officer of SICPA
“SICPA’s technology is tried and tested and provides much needed high security at this critical time. It is easy-to-use, portable and fully respects personal privacy concerns. The CERTUS™ MyHealthPass system is an enabler of the domestic economy and can also promote international connections by permitting operation of safe airbridges. We are delighted to be able to support Aurora and its clients in this important step forward”

About AURORA Airlines
Aurora Airlines (part of Aeroflot Group) was founded in 2013. By 2020 it carried more than 9 million passengers, operating inside and outside Russia with international links to a range of countries principally in Asia. Supporting the economic development of the Far East, Aurora Airlines connects people, focusing on the well-being of each passenger and ensures safe and comfortable shipping by air.  Aurora is proud to be raising the standard of living in the countries in which it operates.

Founded in Switzerland in 1927, SICPA’s mission is Enabling Trust, with constant innovation at its core. The company is the leading global supplier of security features for banknotes and of secured track and trace systems for Governments. CERTUS™ myHealth Pass uses advanced technologies including tamper-proof QR and Blockchain to provide a high level of security.