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SICPA conducts business honestly and in full compliance with the law. We believe that how we conduct ourselves is as critical to our success as the excellence of the products we supply. Full compliance is an essential component of our mission to ‘Enable Trust’. Our Business Conduct and Compliance policies are a demonstration of how we do business and how we put  SICPA values into practice. 


Compliance at SICPA

Compliance is fully integrated into our business organization. SICPA’s dedicated Compliance team focuses on Business Conduct, Third Party Management, Sanctions Compliance, Competition Law Compliance, and Anti-Corruption Compliance.

  • Bringing Compliance to life

Every SICPA employee is required to complete mandatory Compliance trainings. We offer a range of additional resources to employees to address questions and any concerns, these include the SICPA Speak-Up line

  • Third Parties working with and on behalf of SICPA

We understand the exposure SICPA has when it engages Third Parties, such as commercial consultants. We have a stringent process in place to manage and mitigate potential risks. All Third Parties must abide by SICPA policies and suppliers have to agree to comply with SICPA’s Supplier Code of Conduct. We have a policy of zero tolerance of unethical conduct.

  • Being transparent

We conduct internal reviews and undertake independent certifications of our Compliance programs to ensure they are effective. We make changes to our policies and our training to reflect learnings and trends. SICPA’s Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to the CEO and provides regular updates to the Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.

Compliance Policies

Learn more about our commitment to doing business in full compliance with the law and our values:


  • SICPA Code of Conduct

As a global company operating in a challenging world, our behaviors and the way we do business are always based on SICPA values and our mission to Enable Trust.
The SICPA Code of Conduct contains the guiding principles for our standards of business conduct based on those values as well as our commitments to the UN Global Compact and to our people, customers, business partners and communities. 

Please find the Code here.


  • SICPA Global Anti-Corruption Policy

SICPA does not tolerate any form of corruption including Facilitation Payments. SICPA's Global Anti-Corruption Policy details our commitment to complying with anti-corruption laws.

Please find the policy here.


  • SICPA Foreign Trade Control Policy

SICPA is committed to compliance with applicable export and sanctions laws. All employees are responsible for complying with these laws.

Please find the policy here.


  • SICPA Competition Law Policy

SICPA is committed to conducting business in full compliance with competition laws around the world.

Please find the policy here.


  • Supplier Code of Business Conduct

Please find the policy here.


Compliance Certifications

SICPA is proud to be among the first in the industry to be ISO 37001:2016 certified. The standard on Anti-bribery Management Systems is based on internationally recognized good practices. It covers establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving anti-bribery management systems and all related policies, procedures and compliance documents.

Please find the certificate here.


  • BnEI – Banknote Ethics Initiative

The Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI) is an initiative established to provide ethical business practice, with a focus on the prevention of corruption and on compliance with anti-trust law within the banknote industry. Maintaining high ethical standards across the banknote industry is essential in order to ensure our customers and other stakeholders are confident that the standards which we apply to our practices are beyond reproach.

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