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Security inks for banknotes



SICPA offers a full portfolio of globally-proven security inks and solutions catered to different levels of authentication. These inks are a specialised segment of printing inks, fulfilling the role of security in addition to their colouring function. Integrated as a security feature on documents, these inks can be tactile, coloured with or without colour shifting attributes and other optical effects. They can also be invisible to the human eye but legible by devices, sensors, machines and automated systems.

SICPA supplies, among other things, high-quality intaglio inks, optical effect inks such as OVI® and SPARK®, luminescent inks and a range of innovative machine-readable solutions that address the increased challenges of automated banknote handling.

These inks are formulated to respond to the security industry’s high quality standards and can be printed on all types of printing presses.

Security Inks for Banknotes

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