Conformity solutions

SICPA recommends fighting counterfeited and substandard products in the market by augmenting the existing marking regulations with a secure and traceable conformity mark.

This mark consists of a self-adhesive label that is delivered exclusively to licensed manufacturers, who apply it on each certified product item. 

The label carries the logo of the competent authority and is printed by SICPA using banknote-grade security inks with multi-level authentication features that protect it against counterfeiting. 

Each label also carries a unique QR code, which is linked to a specific manufacturer and product reference and can be scanned by consumers using a smartphone, providing secure electronic access to the product’s original documents and certificates.

The proposed solution will bring concrete benefits to brand owners, protecting their goods from fakes. Moreover, the solution allows them to directly connect to the consumers who scan the label’s unique QR code, further strengthening their online presence and brand. 

Traders and Customs officers can use the app to easily verify that the goods are authentic and meet the regulatory standards, speeding up border inspection and clearance.