European Digital Identity unConference (DICE)

SICPA to participate in the European Digital Identity unConference DICE as a supporting partner


The second edition of the European Digital Identity unConference (DICE) will take place from 18-20 June 2024 in Zurich, Switzerland. The event brings together experts, practitioners, and government representatives from across Europe and beyond to tackle the most pressing issues surrounding digital identity in a unique, participatory conference format. Building on last year’s success, DICE 2024 aims to promote collaboration between governments, citizens, and businesses across countries to work towards the adoption of a dignified digital identity. 

After last year’s successful inaugural edition, DICE returns to Zurich to once again become the European epicentre for all things digital identity. Inspired by the Internet Identity Workshop™, which is held twice a year in Mountain View, California, the event will bring together people from a wide range of backgrounds, including practitioners, researchers, regulators, technologists, government leaders, and privacy rights advocates. DICE is hosted by the technology hub Trust Square at its new premises at Bahnhofstrasse and co-organised by the Digital Identity and Data Sovereignty Association (DIDAS). The event is held in association with main partner Swisscom and with support from SICPA and other partners.

Last year’s edition attracted more than 160 participants from all over the world. Over two days, 56 different sessions were called and hosted by the participants. Topics ranged from technology fundamentals and the communication of electronic identities to specific standards and protocols. The results of each session have been documented in the publicly available DICE 2023 Book of Proceedings.

This year’s second edition takes place in a highly dynamic European digital identity environment, with the development of a Swiss E-ID and ecosystem of digital proofs taking shape, the second version of the EU’s Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) coming into force, and efforts underway to develop a standardised framework for digital wallets in the European Union. DICE 2024 will again be co-facilitated by the same team that has been running the original Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View for the past 19 years.

The two-day Open Space unConference is preceded by a one-day pre-conference with a set agenda of keynotes, talks and panels. This pre-conference will allow participants who are new to the topic of digital and self-sovereign identities to familiarise themselves with the subject and offer attendees the opportunity to explore exceptional projects and solutions from around the world.

The Swiss Confederation supports the joint effort of DICE and DIDAS to facilitate a cross-border dialogue around digital identities. Federal Councillor Beat Jans will open the conference with a welcome address. The confederation will also send a cross-functional delegation of experts working on the national E-ID project to the event. Dr. Michael Schöll, Director of the Federal Department of Justice, which holds the patronage of the national E-ID project, further highlighted DICE's role in fostering discussions around building a secure infrastructure for a self-sovereign digital society and economy: “Building trustworthy digital infrastructures – such as the state-issued E-ID – is at the top of Switzerland’s agenda. Their Digital Identity unConference Europe cross-border interoperability is essential. DICE is the perfect platform to take us further along this path.”