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Innovaud and SICPA announce that the unlimitrust campus has joined the ranks of Vaud’s technology parks

The unlimitrust campus has joined the ranks of Vaud's technology parks

Innovaud and SICPA announce that the unlimitrust campus has joined the ranks of Vaud’s technology parks

SICPA’s unlimitrust campus has been designated a Vaud technology park, five months after it was inaugurated on 6 June. The campus joins the ranks of Vaud’s seven other technology parks, thanks to an initiative spearheaded by Innovaud. The unlimitrust campus was established to spur the development of systems and technology that can help create a genuine economy of trust on a global scale. To mark the occasion, a ceremony was held on 8 November attended by Isabelle Moret, the head of the Canton of Vaud’s Department of Economy, Innovation, Employment and Heritage.

The unlimitrust campus is driven by an aspiration to build a safer, more reliable world by facilitating the emergence of novel concepts and research avenues that leverage trust-based technology to address society’s new challenges. It fosters joint ventures among established companies with expertise in this field, as well as startups, researchers and universities including EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

The campus is located next to SICPA’s headquarters in Prilly, near Lausanne, and comprises 50,000 m² of collaborative working space, offices, laboratories and shared services. It’s overseen by SICPA’s Economy of Trust Foundation and brings together an international community of businesses – including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence firms Approach Cyber, Visium and Cyberion – and private and public-sector organizations, of all sizes. The goal is to stimulate innovation in digital technology and physical systems in order to enhance the sovereignty of institutions and shore up citizens’ trust in the public and private sectors, in areas where such trust is crucial.

“SICPA was founded here in Vaud nearly 100 years ago, and I’m delighted to see the Canton become a hub of innovative technology, especially in the area of trust,” says Philippe Amon, SICPA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s exciting to see that the unlimitrust campus will serve as a showcase for Vaud technology and the high standards of excellence that we adhere to, helping to promote them beyond our borders.” 
The Canton of Vaud is a driver of innovation both in Switzerland and internationally, through its Office for Economic Affairs and Innovation, along with Innovaud and the EPFL Innovation Park Foundation. These organisations are playing an active role in building up the dynamic surrounding the unlimitrust campus. The campus is already home to several startups, some of which are housed at the Trust Village business incubator. The incubator is supported by SICPA and the cantonal government, operated by EPFL Innovation Park and managed by Trust Valley.


Innovaud and SICPA announce that the unlimitrust campus has joined the ranks of Vaud’s technology parks


Innovaud is pleased to see the unlimitrust campus join the family of Vaud technology parks: Agropôle, Ateliers de Renens, Biopôle, EPFL Innovation Park, swiss aeropole, Technopôle de Sainte-Croix and Y-Parc. “Each of these parks operates in a high-tech field that’s essential to the Vaud economy and that bolsters our canton’s appeal around the world,” says Patrick Barbey, Innovaud CEO. “The unlimitrust campus will reinforce our region’s innovation ecosystem in the areas of trust and security.”


Innovaud and SICPA announce that the unlimitrust campus has joined the ranks of Vaud’s technology parks


About the unlimitrust campus
The unlimitrust campus is the first centre of excellence worldwide dedicated to the economy of trust. Supported by the Economy of Trust Foundation created by SICPA, the unlimitrust campus brings together an international community of public and private organisations of all sizes, active in all types of industry and committed to the development of new trust-related technologies. The unlimitrust campus aims to accelerate innovation in the digital and physical worlds in order to build trust in every transaction, interaction and product we deal with in daily life. 


About Innovaud 
Innovaud is the innovation and investment promotion agency for the Canton of Vaud, in Switzerland’s Lake Geneva region. It helps tech-oriented companies (startups, scale-ups, SMEs and corporates) develop their businesses and carry out innovation projects. It also assists foreign companies wanting to set up in our region. Innovaud’s services are backed by Vaud’s Department of Economy, Innovation, Employment and Heritage.


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