Certus pilot in Ethiopia

SICPA enter a tri-partite to pilot its CERTUS® security solution in Ethiopia

Today SICPA, Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MinT) and the Education and Training Authority (ETA) entered into a tri-partite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pilot SICPA’s CERTUS® security solution.


Founded in 1927, SICPA is a Swiss company headquartered in Lausanne and is a market leader in security inks for banknotes and a leading provider of secured authentication, identification, traceability and supply chain solutions. CERTUS® is a cost-effective and easy-to-integrate solution enabling real-time digital content and printed document certification and verification. This latest technology is especially designed for document issuers such as educational institutions, government bodies, notaries, local authorities and businesses to swiftly secure printed documents and digital certificates used by holders and verifiers. The solution effectively supports public and private organisations in their efforts to secure sensitive paper-based and digital content, protecting both the value of the holder’s document and the issuer’s reputation.


The purpose of this MoU is to provide access to CERTUS® to MinT and ETA in order for these institutions to issue certificates up to a maximum number of four thousand (4000) codes for each of the six (6) designated Ethiopian educational institutions (total twenty four thousand codes) starting within 6 (six) month starting from signing date (i.e today).


SICPA has a long-standing relationship with the Government of Ethiopia through the supply of its security inks and features for its banknotes and passports. The signing of the MoU with MinT and ETA is testament to the trust and mutual understanding between the Government of Ethiopia and SICPA.