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SICPA recognized as 'Grand Winner' at the Swiss SAP Quality Awards

A global project by Seidor for SICPA recognized as 'Grand Winner' at the Swiss SAP Quality Awards

  • The technology consulting firm SEIDOR is leading the worldwide migration to SAP S/4HANA for SICPA, a Swiss company, market leader in security inks for banknotes and a leading provider of secured authentication, identification, traceability and supply chain solutions.

  • Executed in 22 countries across five continents, the project represents both a technical and organizational challenge, involving 440 SEIDOR professionals

  • SEIDOR's migration has strengthened SICPA's infrastructure by optimizing its corporate ERP management system.


April 25, 2024. SEIDOR's project, a specialized consulting firm in technology services and solutions, for the global conversion to SAP S/4HANA for SICPA, a Swiss technology company with an international footprint, offering state-of-the-art solutions combining material and digital security features to governments, central banks and businesses worldwide, has been recognized as 'Grand Winner,' the highest distinction awarded at the Swiss SAP Quality Awards.


The 'Grand Winner' recognition at the SAP Quality Awards is granted to companies that have developed projects with SAP solutions in an 'exceptional' manner, achieving 'outstanding results in innovation, execution, and business impact.'


With the participation of over 440 SEIDOR professionals, the project has been executed in 22 countries across five continents, representing a significant technical and organizational challenge. The migration carried out by SEIDOR contributed to strengthening SICPA's infrastructure by updating its corporate ERP management system, aiming to continue meeting the new demands of the current competitive landscape.


A market leader of ink-based security for most of the world’s banknotes, SICPA is also a leading provider to governments of unique solutions for secured authentication, identification and traceability of products. SICPA marks billions of products annually, notably excise goods such as tobacco and alcohols, but also medicine and other fast moving consumer goods. As a result, illicit trade can be more effectively tackled, and millions of extra tax revenues are collected around the world. With almost a century of experience and maintaining its identity as a family-owned company, SICPA is internationally recognized as a long-trusted partner to governments, central banks, high security printers and the industry.


Agnieszka Zychowicz-Defever, Director of Corporate Solutions at SICPA - "the choice of SEIDOR as our partner was due to their extensive experience in this type of conversion, and thanks to this collaboration, in less than two years, the project was ready for global deployment".



Ramon Prat, SEIDOR's Commercial Director, expressed that "the award demonstrates SEIDOR's ability to drive the transformation of leading companies in their respective sectors worldwide through SAP technology". "At SEIDOR, we are proud to have been part of SICPA's success and to have contributed to its innovation being recognized internationally", Prat added.

« At SEIDOR, we are proud to have been part of SICPA's success and to have contributed to its innovation being recognized internationally" » Ramon Prat, SEIDOR's Commercial Director

Finalist at the SAP Worldwide Innovation Awards

Additionally, SICPA has also been a finalist at the 2024 SAP Worldwide Innovation Awards, further highlighting the positive impact of its technological transformation on its ability to tackle future challenges with advanced solutions.


It is worth noting that SEIDOR is one of the main SAP partners globally, supported by more than 5,000 SAP specialized consultants and recognized as a Platinum Partner, the highest category of partnership with SAP.


Moreover, as a founding member of United VARs, the largest global alliance of SAP consultancies, SEIDOR has the ability to offer its services in more than 100 countries and has a network of 10,000 SAP consultants. This extensive global network demonstrates SEIDOR's reach and capability to deliver high-quality SAP solutions worldwide.