A proven solution for fuel supply chain integrity and enhanced tax collection ability

In the combat against adulteration, smuggling and unlawful fuel-related activities, SICPA empowers governments by providing a proven solution for tax revenues recovery, fuel quality protection and supply chain integrity

Working with highly robust marking technologies integrated with a data monitoring platform, governments and oil companies can fully track and monitor the distribution of hydrocarbon products, enabling law enforcement and constructive policies to fully engage citizens in driving a legitimate economy. 

Challenges and needs
$133 billion worth of fuel is stolen, adulterated, or diverted, every year, worldwide

XRF solution
Solution overview
Fraud exists in every fuel supply chain, consistently costing governments huge revenue losses for public authorities
Benefits of the Fuel Integrity Solution
Read how SICPA's Fuel Integrity Solution benefits the stakeholders of the fuel integrity supply chain.

Fuel integrity - case studies
Case studies
Discover how SICPA's Fuel Integrity Solutions maximize governments' revenues and tax collections