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Pharma Serialization System



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SICPA’s pharma serialization solution is a modular and comprehensive platform covering levels L1 (devices), L2 (line), L3 (site), and L4 (enterprise) of the ISA-95 model. It also ensures connectivity with external systems such as government reporting systems (L5).

At the heart of SICPA’s pharma serialization solution is the Serialization Manager. Covering L3 and L4, it is a centralized software application managing all core functions and controlling all hardware modules. The hardware modules controlled by the Serialization Manager are described below. All are easy to use thanks to their large touch screen control display and ergonomic User Interface:

  • The Serialization Station covers levels L1 and L2. It is available either as a stand-alone fully automated module that can be added to a production line, or as an OEM kit, to be integrated through specific bracketry and electrical wiring onto the production line.
  • The Aggregation Station is used to serialize higher-level packaging units (e.g. bundles, shipping cases, pallets) and to capture parent-child relationship between the corresponding unique identifiers. Thanks to its dual high-resolution camera it provides maximum mobility and flexibility to align to any existing packing process.
  • The Labelling and Tamper-Evident Station applies tamper evident labels and seals on up to two sides of a box. When used with pre-serialized labels it also acts as a serialization module, thanks to its embedded camera and QC and ejection system.
SICPA’S Pharma Serialization System

In addition to these modules, SICPA also provides GS1-compatible pre-serialized labels that can be used to seal and serialize the packaging at the same time. The Serialization Manager software includes functionality for ordering such labels, as well as for reporting the usage of these labels to the repository. This solution is particularly interesting for small and medium manufacturers, which have manual or semi-automated production lines, allowing them to quickly comply with serialization requirements without additional equipment and at low cost.

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For more information, you can download the brochures listed below: 

Serialization Station (PDF brochure)

SICPA's fully automated serialization station

Aggregation Station (PDF brochure)

Adaptable, mobile, ergonomic. A flexible setup, designed in order to optimize the experience of the operator.

Serialization as a Service (PDF brochure)

A centralized web-based software, covering the Level 1 to 3, interfaced to Enterprise and National systems (Level 4-5) and managing all core functions.

Pre-Serialized Label Solution

SICPA pre-serialized label solution | GS1-compliant

SICPA’S Pharma Serialization System

SICPA is a member of GS1 healthcare. The mission of GS1 Healthcare is to lead the healthcare sector to the successful development and implementation of global standards by bringing together experts in healthcare to enhance patient safety and supply chain efficiencies.

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