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SICPA Secured Traceability Track and Trace Tax Stamps



Securing production, import, exporting trade of sensitive goods

SICPATRACE® is a digital tax stamp management system supplied to government authorities for nation-wide control of production, import, export, and distribution of excise products such as tobacco, spirits, wine, beer, as well as other consumer goods, including soft drinks and mineral water. Our solution allows governments to:

  • Optimize tax revenue collection & associated costs: by quickly identifying illegitimate actors and providing real-time production data.
  • Protect the legitimate economy: by encouraging fair competition for legitimate traders while dissuading illicit actors from corrupt practices.
  • Enhance public health: by mitigating potential health risks caused by substandard quality counterfeit goods, which may even be life-threatening.
  • Promote trusted trade: by reducing fraudulent declarations of goods moving within the country and across borders, without creating obstacles to trade.
  • Comply with international regulations: by ensuring practices conform with standards such as the WHO FCTC Protocol to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products.
  • Empower citizens: by engaging citizens in the fight against illicit trade and helping them to make better-informed choices using simple smart tools.

With SICPATRACE you can:


Mark products

With SICPATRACE® products can be marked during the manufacturing process with secured labels as well as direct marking. Marking combines banknote grade security features and secure 2D barcodes. Both technologies are non-intrusive and suitable for the fastest production lines where product information is automatically captured, monitored and recorded in a central Data Management System (DMS).

Track & Trace products

As goods move along the supply chain, shipment events are captured and recorded in the DMS, contributing to building each item’s unique history. In addition to conforming to GS1 and data exchange standards, SICPATRACE® fully supports aggregation making it compliant with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC).

Enforce tax collection

SICPATRACE® helps governments enforce compliance with regulations by monitoring and controlling the manufacturing process directly from the very beginning of the product lifecycle. It also includes a smart field inspection platform, SICPA HORIZON®, which provides irrefutable proof of authenticity of the digital tax stamp and quick retrieval of product traceability information.

Empower citizens

During or after the product purchase, citizens can easily determine whether a product is compliant or not by authenticating the security features of the digital tax stamp and by retrieving the corresponding product information with their smartphones. This consumer engagement platform allows reporting of suspicious products to the authorities, actively contributing to the fight against illicit trade.

Take smarter decisions

SICPATRACE® includes a sophisticated Business Intelligence module, enabling real time reporting, risk profiling, anomaly detection and predictive analytics. This smart data platform provides governments a strategic advantage in the fight against illicit trade by optimizing the use of law enforcement resources and by helping revenue agencies implement effective tax policies.


Track and trace for various situations
Track and trace for a wide range of products
Track and trace SICPA results

Together we can achieve great results

Protect consumer health - revenue - legitimate economy


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