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A tailored solution designed for governments to optimise fiscal revenues on excise goods



A tailored solution designed for governments to optimise fiscal revenues on excise goods

SICPATRACE® is a digital tax stamp management system used by government authorities for nation-wide control of supply chains involved with the production, import, export and distribution of excise products. Example of product categories include tobacco, spirits, wine, beer, as well as other consumer goods, including soft drinks and mineral water.

Currently deployed in 17 countries, SICPATRACE® monitors supply chains by uniquely and securely marking, tracking, tracing and authenticating goods throughout their life cycle. This provides full visibility to authorities looking to reduce illicit trade practices such as under-declaration, tax evasion, smuggling, counterfeiting and distribution of unauthorised goods.


  • Recover tax lost to illicit trade, reinforcing the local economy and fair trade, 
  • Leverage the most counterfeit-robust technologies needed to eradicate fraud and illicit trade, 
  • Monitor the supply chain of excise goods and detect infiltrations by illicit flows,
  • Reinforce governance through transparency,
  • Build consumer engagement in the defence of legit goods,
  • Integrate without interfering with the industry’s manufacturing and distribution processes. 

SICPATRACE, a fully integrated yet modular solution

SICPATRACE, a fully integrated yet modular solution
Product marking

Marking of each product item with a unique serialised code

Multi-level security features mitigating risks of counterfeiting and code duplication 

Anti-tampering features prevent the removal and the reuse of marks

Tracking & tracing

Real-time data collection 

Interoperable open architecture

Compliant with industry standards and international regulations

Inspection and enforcement

Optimise performance and utilisation of inspection resources 

Collect and analyse data for risk management and analytics 

Generate court admissible evidence for efficient law enforcement

Consumer verification

Connect & engage with citizens

Help consumers identify illicit items 

Detect hot spots of illicit goods in circulation

Government administration

Efficient management of authorised goods and economic operators 

Procurement and supply of Digital Tax Stamps

Integration with existing Customs and Tax Management systems

Data services

Monitor domestic production and imports

Monitor operational key performance indicators 

Analyse alerts and detect fraud patterns


The #1 secure track & trace platform around the world

Implementations of SICPATRACE® around the world have stood the test of time. Since 2004, our GS1 and WHO FCTC compliant solution has been implemented in 17 countries and on more than 1'000 production lines covering various industry sectors. 
Yearly, more than 80 billion products are marked, tracked and traced by SICPATRACE®, making it the go-to trusted system for controlling supply chains of excise goods by governments and manufacturers. With a capacity to mark over 60’000 products per hour on a manufacturing line, SICPATRACE® is the most tested option to control manufacturing environments running at high speed, in a non-intrusive fashion. 

    A full-service ecosystem ensuring smooth operations

    • We provide an auto-financed solution with our Build-Operate-Own model
    • Knowing that each country has specific requirements, we customise our solution to your needs
    • A hassle-free deployment as we take care of the entire process, from purchasing, installation and testing 
    • Leave the procurement process to us as we supply our digital tax stamps in the most efficient and secure way
    • Technical and customer support services is provided from a local office with locally-hired staff
    • We take care of all necessary training, from economic operators to law enforcement officials

    The industry’s most powerful solution to ensure compliance with fiscal marking regulations

    • Total independence from the controlled industries
    • Secure production monitoring
    • Versatile secure direct marking option for the cold beverage industry
    • Non-intrusive deployment 
    • Cost-effective scalability 
    • Efficient external system integration
    • Trusted cutting-edge technology
    SICPATRACE: The #1 secure track & trace platform around the world


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