The most advanced solution for mobilising revenue and ensuring fiscal compliance. 

The solution is an efficient and secure digital tax stamp management system that supports government authorities in controlling the production, import, export, and distribution of excise products such as tobacco, spirits, wine, beer, and other consumer goods. It provides unique security and robust authentication through either label based marking or on-product direct marking, ensuring a solution for even the most challenging production environments.


  • Customisable features that enable authorities to monitor execution and compliance with regulations in real-time

  • The technology platform provides administration tools to support taxpayer management, licensing procedures, product master data management, taxation schemes, and procurement of tax stamps

  • Traceability and monitoring system that can be flexibly integrated into the local context of production, distribution, and consumption

  • Modular architecture allowing authorities to start with an initial set of product categories and capabilities before expanding them over time

A fully integrated modular solution

Our solution consists of a variety of modules:

Relying on a robust, secure and agile technology platform, SICPATRACE® Evo expedites deployments and eases integration with any legacy systems, ultimately building an ecosystem of trust.



  • Connect and engage with citizens 
  • Help consumers identify illicit items
  • Detect hot spots of illicit goods in circulation



  • Conduct simple, fast and reliable field inspections
  • Collect and analyse data for risk analysis and hot-spot detection
  • Generate court admissible evidence for efficient law enforcement



  • Mark each product item with a unique serialised code
  • Multi-level security features mitigating risks of counterfeiting and code duplication 
  • Anti-tampering features preventing the removal and the reuse of marks



  • Real-time data collection (production control) using secure anti-tampering equipment
  • Interoperable open architecture 
  • Compliant with industry standards and international regulations


  • Efficient management of taxpayers and authorised goods
  • Procurement and validation of digital tax stamps
  • Integration with existing customs and tax management systems 



  • Accurate reporting of domestic production, imports and exports
  • Monitor operational key performance indicators
  • Analyse alerts and detect fraud patterns

The ultimate revenue

mobilisation solution 
designed for tax authorities