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Staining Inks



Staining inks have proven to be an effective crime deterrent. Indeed, figures from the European Intelligent Cash Protection Association show a significant rise in the use of Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation Systems (IBNS) to deter crime at ATMs, Cash-in-Transit and places with high cash storage.

As a recognised provider of staining inks since the 1980s, SICPA’s solutions leave highly visible marks on banknotes, providing professionals and the public with indisputable evidence of a stolen currency. SICPA’s staining inks are also completely indelible: the sophisticated formula makes it impossible to remove the ink without damaging the colours or the substrate of the notes, even with elaborated cleaning processes. 

SICPA extensively invests in R&D by relentlessly adapting ink formulations to the new generation of substrates offered by banknote substrate manufacturers. Its staining inks are developed to be compatible with the majority of substrates but also to allow automated systems to differentiate the stained notes from commonly soiled notes.

Staining inks

With all these variables in mind, SICPA continues to innovate its staining inks technology to respond to today’s need. Indeed, one of the most recent developments allows for the integration of components into the ink to provide authorities with an additional source of information for tracing the source of the crime.

All materials used are non-toxic and are in full compliance with health, safety and environment legislations.


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