Vehicle Licence Plate - main

The solution for securing licence plates

Next generation licence plate

An efficient and secure solution that not only guarantees the integrity of the plates but also enables the authentication of licence plates at a distance, is an essential need today

Authenticated licence plates will enable the governing bodies to maintain sovereignty, enforce regulations across the globe and contribute to the development of smart cities.

SICPA’s state-of-the-art security solution protects vehicle license plates against tampering and enables intuitive authentication from a distance.

Vehicle Licence Plate - front view

Front view

Vehicle Licence Plate - angle view

Angle view

Unique optical technology

SICPA has developed a unique optical solution to secure vehicle license plates.
When viewed from different angles, SICPA’s technology exhibits subtle color changes and variations visible to the naked eye. The inherent polarization properties allow the authentication with a polarizing validator.

This optical technology enables to visually authenticate vehicle licence plates intuitively, making it a ground-breaking innovation that represents a major milestone for the industry.

Vehicle Licence Plates - Naked-eye-view

Naked eye view

Vehicle Licence Plates - Polarisation-view

Polarisation view

Vehicule Licence Plates - technology description

OPALINE® optical technology                                    Digitally printed background 
• Reflection visible with naked eye                                 for symbols, letters and numbers
• Polarisation revealed with torch and glasses

1. OPALINE® double polarisation                               3. OPALINE® simple polarisation
Visible on the left and right side                                     Visible on the right side only with glasses 
with glasses, or alternatively with torch                           or alternatively with torch

2. Secure dynamic QR                                                   4. IR absorbing black ink
Verifiable both online and offline                                    Revealed with infrared detector

                                                                                       5. IR transparent black ink
                                                                                        Revealed with infrared detector


and intuitive 

licence plate 


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