Vehicle Licence Plates Authentication

21st century vehicle licence plates authentication wanted

Since the 1900s, licence plates have been used to uniquely identify vehicles and their owners and have now become a worldwide standard. 

Regardless of the technologies used to verify licence plates, the effectiveness of vehicle identification can be seriously compromised if licence plates are not authenticated beforehand.

Multi-level technology for intuitive authentication

With the increase in counterfeit vehicle licence plates, authenticating them before identifying them has become a critical step for government agencies, law enforcement officials and corporations. 

In addition, the inability to securely authenticate vehicle licence plates is a danger to law enforcement officials and to society in general.

Facts and figures
Exponential global growth in the number of fraudulent licence plates where the general insecurity and losses generated by this global problem impacts society as a whole
Issues and needs at stake
Public agencies and private organisations need to accurately authenticate vehicle licence plates
Vehicle Licence Plate - Next generation
The solution for securing licence plates
Next generation licence plate
Benefits for all stakeholders