Graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor in Media Engineering, Damien Snoeck has developed a strong affinity for apps’ design, development and integration during his studies. Today, after a decade at SICPA Switzerland, Damien found the right balance between his passion for his work and his family, as he tells us. 

Damien Snoeck

Why did you join SICPA? What convinced you to join SICPA?

As a specialised consultant for two years in web open source apps personalisation, then as a Developer Front-end for a year, I was looking for a job with more diversified tasks. In the job ad posted by SICPA at that time, the role mentioned a big part on Research & Development for web apps. More precisely, it asked to develop features that could be reused on other apps. Very interested by the specifications proposed, I did not hesitate a second to apply at SICPA.

Why do you enjoy working at SICPA?

For the past 10 years, I have continuously been facing new challenges allowing me to discover new technologies and new methodologies. I particularly appreciate the fact that I have the time needed to check that my development was properly executed, and that things are not being rushed out. 

What did SICPA bring to you professionally and personally?

SICPA brought me a perfect balance between private and professional life. On the private side, flexible hours allow me to go home soon enough to enjoy time with my family at the end of the day. On the professional side, the wide career opportunities allow me to grow in the areas I want. My manager at SICPA has always listened to my career development goals and gave his best for me to reach it. 

What is your main objective in your job?

Harmonise and simplify the development of web applications.

Describe your typical working day at SICPA?

My typical working days are made up of two main components. First, develop new features that will be used by many web applications. Then, respond to requests for support from SICPA’s developers regarding the implementation of web libraries. Even though these two activities are different, they allow me to fully blossom in my daily work and never get bored.

« Be curious, open-minded and modest. Do not hesitate to ask questions. » Damien Snoeck

Could you describe a team project which you are particularly proud of?

The project that I am the proudest of is one for which we had to involve acoustic, optical, mechanical and software engineers to enable authentication of luxury watches. I particularly liked this project because a great number of different stakeholders needed to collaborate to reach our goal.

What are the dimensions you like the most in your job at SICPA?

The dimension that I prefer in my job is the collaboration between the colleagues with different nationalities, countries and cultures. Indeed, interacting with people who have grown up in different environments and have different backgrounds bringing their own vision leads to a richer dialogue within the team.

According to you, what are the key soft skills necessary in your job?

This job confronts us to new technologies every day. It is very important to be aware of current technological updates at all times. It should be your passion!

How do you manage your professional and personal life?

I start working around 7 am to keep time for my kids at the end of the day. This way, I can keep a better work life balance without having to make concessions.

If you could choose only three words to describe SICPA and your daily life at SICPA, what would they be?

Innovation, Discovery, Learning