Diversity at SICPA

Diversity is a reality

« 84 nationalities worldwide, 55 nationalities in Switzerland alone, and over 70 different professions. Diversity is a reality! »

What measures are deployed to guarantee equal opportunities for all?


For SICPA, equal opportunity means offering fair treatment and working conditions, regardless of gender, culture or religion. This is particularly important for SICPA, which is present on 5 continents. We are committed to eliminating any form of prejudice or discrimination in our internal processes worldwide. In addition, we have implemented a fair and equitable remuneration policy for all SICPA employees, men and women alike. These measures have enabled us to obtain “Equal Pay” certification in 2021, following an in-depth analysis of our pay practices in Switzerland.


How does SICPA encourage professional development?


I'm convinced that the professional development of our employees depends in particular on internal promotion and mobility within the company. We are proud of our high staff retention rate and strive to strengthen the expertise of our employees. For SICPA, this also enables us to stay at the cutting edge of technological developments. Many of our colleagues can testify to this commitment: several of them now occupy positions of high responsibility after having progressed within the company, sometimes in fields different from their original profession.


Why work at SICPA?


SICPA is one of those rare companies, almost a hundred years old, that has retained its vision and exceptional capacity for innovation. Everyone at SICPA thrives in a working environment that encourages collaboration and synergies in the various markets in which we operate. Working at SICPA offers not only a stimulating environment, but also the opportunity to contribute to innovative solutions that have a real impact on the daily lives of people around the world. 


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