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Oil&Gas Integrity Management



Supporting governments and companies in the fight against illicit trade of hydrocarbon products

Hydrocarbon and products especially fuels, are highly profitable commodities. They represent an attractive source of revenue for fraudsters and organised crime, sometimes linked to terrorist organisations. Indeed, as untaxed high quality fuels are often illegally introduced into the supply chain, governments suffer significant loss of various duties. The illicit trade of hydrocarbon products also includes adulteration which means fuels are of substandard quality, may irreversibly damage engines, pollute the environment and harm citizen health.

SICPA’s Integrity Management Solution (IMS) combines advanced fuel marking technologies with a sophisticated IT platform helping governments and OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) to fully track, trace and monitor the distribution of hydrocarbon products and to quickly detect illicit activities through advanced machine learning algorithms.

Our solution allows governments and OMC’s to:

  • Restore a level-playing field and increase tax collection: by effectively detecting typical frauds (such as smuggling, under-declaration, tapping, dumping, adulteration and dilution) and generating court-admissible evidence for prosecuting the offenders.
  • Reduce dilution and adulteration frauds: by monitoring the distribution of fuels down to gas stations, and by detecting possible dilution and adulteration with products which emanate from unauthorised suppliers, often of substandard quality.

The unique features and capabilities of SICPA IMS are:

  • Secure and non-washable markers: embedded at the molecular level, the markers are impossible to remove, do not change the fuel’s characteristics and are extremely stable for long periods of time. Resistant to light, heat and extreme conditions, they are adapted to all types of fuel without harming the environment and affecting vehicles performance.
  • Secure marker supply chain: SICPA is the preferred partner of the vast majority of Central Banks to deliver security inks used on banknotes and value documents. We employ the same level of security measures to ensure that the marker’s procurement is protected from possible fraud and tampering.
  • Qualitative and quantitative mobile analyser: the analyser is capable of quickly delivering precise qualitative and quantitative results. It can be fitted into a standard vehicle and on-the-spot analyses can be performed directly at depots and gas stations, providing field-admissible evidence without requiring further forensic analysis.
  • Limited and traceable human intervention: SICPA IMS reduces to a minimum (and monitors) any human intervention that might be required, both for injection and analysis activities. Precise injections of fuel marker are performed through automation, ensuring the integrity of the whole solution.
  • Data-driven decision making: unlike other fuel marking solutions, field audits draw not only on the distribution of fuel marking activities but are enriched with data from a variety of sources and processed by machine learning algorithms to trigger targeted field audits.
Oil & Gas Integrity Management
Oil & Gas Integrity Management


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