Testimonial Elvir Nuredini
« The discovery of two different sites and environments, Prilly and Chavornay, are the highlights of my learning programme. » Elvir Nuredini

I started my commercial apprenticeship in August 2021. What's special about this apprenticeship is that each year we change departments. For me, the first year was in the Accounts department at the head office in Prilly, the second is in Chavornay, the main production site for safety inks, and the final year will be spent in the Marketing department.

I didn't know anything about SICPA before I started my apprenticeship. I found it interesting and especially rare to work for a company that develops and produces security inks for banknotes. This made me curious and I decided to apply. During my first year in the accounting department, my trainer was a former commercial apprentice who had done his apprenticeship at SICPA. I was in charge of sorting mail, scanning and entering invoices, and checking the payment of certain invoices following reminders received. At Chavornay, the environment is different and more industrial. I joined the Industrial Technologies department, where I'm mainly in charge of updating and creating machine lubrication maintenance procedures and plans.  I really enjoy this job because I have to be out in the field, taking photos of the machines and putting together an Excel document with tabs for each machine. I'm quite shy at first, but the team quickly put me at ease and my integration went well.

Next year, I'm looking forward to discovering Marketing and training the next apprentice who will replace me. In fact, every year there's a handover where each apprentice trains his successor for 1 week. I find it interesting to be on the training side, to be able to explain things and, for once, not to be the person asking questions!