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Marcelo Bittencourt



Having joined SICPA in Brazil in 2008 - over the years I have had opportunities to undertake different roles and meet many colleagues from other international offices including our Switzerland headquarters.

As an example of SICPA’s global presence and international mobility of its employees, I was encouraged by a new opportunity in Switzerland. It was a natural growth move for me undertaking a Product Management role and I had no hesitation to apply. I was fascinated by how well such an international mobility initiative was received by HR and the hiring manager – in fact it was strongly promoted and I felt very appreciated for that.

« The recruitment process was very smooth with constant communication, guidance and proper assessment of all internal and external candidates who had applied for the same role. » - Marcelo Bittencourt

I was impressed with the approach taken by HR especially, it reaffirmed my belief that SICPA is a truly global company and values diversity and its People above all. The relocation process (to the very detailed paperwork) was professionally handled and my family felt very well taken care of during the whole process of changing continents.

At SICPA, the reception of my arrival could not have been better. I have been working with the architects and learning new things every day as I give my contribution in the new role. The mix between my experience with customers and operations and the global view now at the Headquarters brings a lot of value and I am truly enjoying the new challenge.

After 2 months living in Lausanne, I am grateful for this opportunity. The next step is to improve my French and get used to the new keyboard layout (From QWERTY to QWERTZ).