Karima started her career at SICPA Morocco in 2010. Her journey, marked by continuous learning and the opportunity to engage in various international projects, has significantly enriched her professional growth and broadened her perspective, culminating in her geographical mobility to SICPA Spain in 2021. 

Karima Belgas testimonial

What was your previous experience before joining SICPA?

Before joining SICPA, I had worked in service provision for an American company, where I delivered customer service and technical support to clients in the EMEA region. I had the opportunity to work with notable entities like Microsoft, Apple, and Hewlett Packard. Prior to that, I worked in a family business, which was quite different from my academic background and skill set.

What was your perception of SICPA before joining?

I had limited knowledge of the company and its operations. My introduction to SICPA came through a recommendation from a Canadian professor at the university where I obtained my degree. I saw this as a unique opportunity and was eager to embrace a new professional challenge, stepping out of my comfort zone.

« Working at SICPA is incredibly dynamic and engaging. Every day brings new challenges, fostering continuous learning and growth.  » Karima Belgas

Why do you enjoy working at SICPA?

Working at SICPA is incredibly dynamic and engaging. Every day brings new challenges, fostering continuous learning and growth. The diverse work environment and regular interactions with different cultures have broadened my perspective and sparked my interest in international work experiences. I've had the privilege of contributing to various projects, often pushing me beyond my comfort zone. SICPA's commitment to a healthy work-life balance has been vital, allowing me to pursue extracurricular passions and maintain overall well-being.

How has your career evolved at SICPA?

Over the past 13 years at SICPA, I've had the chance to engage in numerous roles and projects. I've progressed from a Service Center Analyst to roles like Monitoring Center Responsible, PMO, Project Coordinator, internal auditor, and now, Senior Service Delivery Coordinator for customer service. These varied experiences have strengthened my ability to tackle challenges, nurtured my personal development, and propelled my professional growth. The extensive knowledge I've gained during this time affirms SICPA's dedication to nurturing individuals who are enthusiastic about taking on new challenges.

What about your geographical mobility?

In 2020, I was informed about an opening at SICPA Spain. Having previously collaborated with the SICPA Spain team, I understood the role's importance and decided to apply. The interviewing process was smooth, and I was thrilled to be selected. SICPA Spain supported me with all the administrative steps for the working permit. Despite the challenges of moving during the COVID-19 pandemic in February 2021, SICPA ensured a smooth transition through its mobility package and the generosity and support of our Spanish colleagues.

What is your primary objective as a Service Delivery Coordinator?

As a Senior Service Delivery Coordinator in the Customer Service department, my main goal is to discern and fulfill customer expectations, ensuring their satisfaction through timely responses and effective solutions. Achieving this requires establishing and driving the service management process and strategy. The role's centrality within the Customer Service department highlights its importance to the company. Daily activities involve extensive collaboration between teams, departments, and countries, emphasizing the global and interdisciplinary nature of the work.

What advice do you have for aspiring professionals?

For those considering a similar career path, my advice is to exercise patience, actively listen, and approach your responsibilities with passion rather than obligation. This fosters creativity and proactive stress management. Prioritize effective communication to ensure clarity in tasks, and most importantly, maintain a positive attitude.

If you could choose only three words to describe SICPA and your daily life at SICPA, what would they be?

Growth, Opportunity, Support