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Product and Brand Protection



The fake goods market is exploding, costing companies and brands trillions of dollars in lost opportunity and liability every year.

Fed by the unstoppable e-commerce revolution and affecting every industry, illicit trade destroys the integrity of supply chains and hard-won customer trust. Reputations, economies, lives and safety are at risk from this growing menace.

As a pioneer in product authentication SICPA helps companies combat the viral plague of fraud. The ability to quickly and reliably distinguish a counterfeit from a genuine product is half the battle. Anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions include first line of defence materials science technologies and a new generation of connectivity solutions, providing a second defensive line in the brand protection battle.

SICPA’s secure technologies include unique and sophisticated visible, invisible and connectivity features to help companies:

  • authenticate products
  • protect against liability
  • ensure supply chain integrity
  • engage and retain customers
  • safeguard their reputation and consumer trust

No authentication challenge is too complex for us. Our technologies combine visible and invisible security features, and dynamic connectivity features, that are uniquely tailored to product, business, market and customer needs.  


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