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Protect Legitimate Economy



Illicit trade may be popular with some consumers, but it is far from a victimless crime: governments lose tax revenue, public health risks increase and consumers suffer from sub-standard and dangerous products. 

Illicit trade in goods and services:

  • Damages economic development and supports corrupt practices
  • Weakens government policies and the rule of law
  • Helps to finance organised crime and terrorism
  • Undermines investment in industry and the business of legitimate traders
Protecting legitimate economy

There is much to be gained from increasing the visibility of counterfeiting, smuggling and activities like diversion into 'grey' markets. 

Trustworthy product authentication and secure traceability technology are valuable tools for governments to tackle the problem; enabling efficient tax collection and promoting public confidence.

SICPA technology supports Governments to implement effective control programmes based on high security tax stamps and banderols, unique coding, production control, product authentication features and secure track & trace.

SICPA has the expertise to tackle this challenge based on:

  • Worldwide presence
  • Proven track record of industrialization
  • Mastery of both material and digital based security features


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