Enabling real-time health status management and safe mobility

SICPA is partnering with governments, local authorities and private sector actors worldwide to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and support the progressive return to normal life.

myHealth Pass is a tool enabling real-time health status management and safe mobility. It is specially designed to meet the highest levels of data security and personal privacy protection.

It ensures secure and anonymous issuance, use and verification of certified data. This flexible technology can support the return to social and economic activity in accordance with national and local policies and conditions.

Economy of Trust: a new Campus

SICPA is a founding partner of the Trust Valley initiative, in line with our mission to Enable Trust. Our new Campus will bring together industry, start-ups, governments & international bodies, universities, entrepreneurs around a shared ambition: building an Economy of Trust. 

Marking & tracing sensitive goods

What does "Enabling Trust" mean? More than a corporate motto, it is a constant that runs through all of our solutions, at the service of our clients, governments, and citizens. Here's a first insight: SICPATRACE®, SICPA’s proven solution for marking & tracing sensitive goods.

Fuel marking

We continue our series around SICPA's mission "Enabling Trust" and what it embodies. This time focussing on Fuel Marking. Dilution, adulteration, tax evasion… our solutions target criminal activities that have serious consequences for the environment and the health of citizens.

Securing sensitive documents, credentials and qualifications.

Issuing and certifying certificates with tamper-proof QR-codes: CERTUS™ is a novel digital solution that enables document issuers like educational institutions, government bodies or notaries to secure value documents. It is a cost-effective next-generation security solution which sets a new standard in securing sensitive paper-based and digital documents, credentials and qualifications.