At SICPA, we believe that diversity and inclusion are essential components of our success. 


Our team is made up of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds, who bring a wealth of perspectives and experiences to the table. By embracing diversity, we are able to better understand and serve our clients, and find new and innovative solutions to the challenges we face. 


With 3000 staff of over 80 nationalities based in 35 countries and more than 70 different professions, SICPA offers a unique work environment.



Empowering women in STEM


SICPA is committed to building a more gender balanced workforce and supports different projects and associations such as Girls in Tech (Switzerland), Women in Cyber (Switzerland) and Women in Tech (Global). These associations provide training and resources, the possibility to network and exchange to encourage women to pursue careers in STEM.  



Gender equality and Equal pay


SICPA is an equal employment opportunity company and as such does not tolerate discrimination or bias made to a candidate’s origin, nationality, religion, race, gender, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation or age. 


Moreover, our company is deeply committed to a fair and equitable compensation strategy for every employee. In 2021, SICPA in Switzerland successfully completed the analysis and subsequent audit on equal pay, under the new provisions of the Swiss law on equality between men and women, qualifying it as an “Equal Pay” employer. 


In addition, SICPA Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain and Switzerland participate to the United Nations Global Compact initiatives, such as the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and the Target Gender Equality acceleration program. These offer tools and guidance to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community.  


Next to purely gender pay gap, SICPA has launched various programmes aimed at providing equal opportunities for career advancement and skill development.


SICPA's commitment to equal pay and its multifaceted approach, ranging from fair pay structures to enabling equal opportunities, showcase the company's dedication to eradicating gender pay disparities. Equal pay and gender equality transcends mere numerical data; it is deeply rooted in our ethical values. Together, in Switzerland and internationally, we are working to build an organisation that prioritises fairness and inclusiveness at every level.


Hear from our People!

Our continued success comes from the expertise and dedication of our people. At SICPA, we work together to enable trust!

In this special series of testimonials, employees from our entities worldwide share some real insights into their experience of working at SICPA, what they enjoy the most about working here, what SICPA brought to them both professionally and personally and more.  

The diversity of our people bringing different cultures, professions, backgrounds and interests is a real strength and makes us proud every day to be part of this company.

Thamil Selvam Perumal

Thamil Selvam Perumal, Solution Delivery Manager, Malaysia

There are three different dimensions that I particularly like in my job: first, the freedom we have when managing a project, then the cooperation between departments and finally, the diversity we can find in the workforce.
Rogers Mutunga

Rogers Mutunga, Technical Writer, Kenya

I really like the flexibility of my work. Working with different teams on different projects allows me to be constantly learning, which is a real added value for me.
Blandine Michaut

Blandine Michaut, Senior Technical Adviser, Switzerland

In technical assistance, we are the firemen and firewomen of the moment, but it brings a lot of satisfaction to see that the help we provide is valued by the customer.
Suneid Hanif

Suneid Hanif, Mobile Lab Technician, Mozambique

I joined SICPA because I appreciate the mission and values of the company. SICPA stands for sustainability, innovation and advanced solutions to protect the integrity and value of several products and brands in compliance with high standards.
Abe Jangao

Abe Jangao, Service Center Engineer, Dubai

When joining SICPA, I discovered that it was also a diversified company working on different solutions in terms of physical and digital security and that it was not only about banknotes.
Michal Kapalka

Michal Kapalka, Principal Software Engineer, Switzerland

At SICPA, every day is an occasion to gain knowledge whether from my colleagues, my manager or the technologies we are using.